Website Design For Small Businesses

Every small business should have an online presence. This means you should have a website that is up to date and follows a few key guidelines.

The new small business website should be responsive, simple, and above all should tell your story.

Responsive Design: is critical for small business, because it is becoming the standard, and if you don’t comply, it will negatively affect your Google ranking. This means that your site should be able to be accessed from any devise including computers, smart phones, and tablets.

Simple Design:  this refers to making it easy for your visitors to get what they need seamlessly without complication. This does not mean it is generic, it should be dynamic and should directly reflect your companies ideals.  “Yes, to powerful images. Yes, to meaningful content. Yes, to sleek and purposeful navigation.” Work with your designer to come up with a design and an experience that matches your customers expectations.

Storytelling Design: tell your visitors a story with concise and compelling. Always use strong imagery because people respond to images first and then to words. People should be able to scroll down the page and discover who you are and what your company does. The most important thing is not to take yourself to seriously and always make it fun.  Show them how you started and what you have discovered along the way. Reveal to your customers the process and why you they can be confident in hiring you. “Gone are the days of “I am so great” over and over again – in every nook and cranny of your site.”

Set goals and work with your designer to come up with a compelling story and tell it through responsive and simple design. You want visitors to get all the information they need by scrolling down the front page and you want repeat visitors to easily find where they can make a purchase, visit your blog or contact you for assistance.

The Basics:

If you don’t have a lot of time or money make sure that your website has at least the following pages available to customers.

Home Page: with detailed description of your business

About Page: include interesting facts about you and your team don’t gloat show them who you are and what you like

Products and Services Page: make a detailed list with descriptions, prices, and pictures

Testimonials Page: people like to know what your customers are saying so make sure to list these with peoples names and locations

Contact Page: have a form that people can fill out to request more information or a quote and make sure to list your address, phone number, and email contact

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