3 Tips for Successful Logo Design

“For a logo to be successful it should have a simple, yet appropriate form that conveys the intended message of the business to the intended audience.” Seems simple enough right? But in fact it can get really complicated so here are a few tips that will hopefully help you when your working to create or re-design your logo.

1. Keep It Simple – This is the most important rule because simple logos are more memorable. Look at Apple and Nike! These are memorable logos that also aid in brand recognition. If you have a bunch of lines, shapes, colors, and different fonts you, the less serious your brand seems. Keep in mind that your logo isn’t there to tell the complete story of your brand it is meant to be one unifying thought.

2. Know Your Audience – If you don’t like your logo, it is comfortable to assume your customers won’t either. The key is to do know your target audience and position your logo appropriately. For example you would not use the same whimsical font for a doctors office that you would for a flower shop.

3. Use Color Carefully – The colors in your logo can serve as mighty psychological triggers to make customers believe your services are the best choice for their business the second they lay eyes on them. The key is using the colors that evoke remedying feelings people desire when looking for those types of services. Choosing a color palette is one of the most crucial parts of logo design. Avoid bright, flashy colors – there is an explanation why you don’t see very many logos that are neon orange and yellow. Typically designers stick with three or four primary colors, and assign each main element of the logo its own color.