Simple Graphic Design & Photo Editing Tool

If you have ever tried to work in Photoshop or another design suite it can be overwhelming at times. With so many tools and functions the learning curve is steep. But with the new online platform Canva you can start building your own flyers, online marketing tools, and more with a few simple clicks. They have made it so simple to create beautiful design pieces and many of them are free or low cost.

I recommend everyone sign up for an account and give it a try. You should also sign up for their newsletter as it gives you helpful tips on how to use the platform. It is also fun to edit images and create quote pictures to share on social media.



If you are interested in designing your own marketing materials or if you are a small business owner Canva is one if the best tools that you can use to give your business a cohesive look and feel. This will help you build a brand you can be proud of!

Happy Designing!