Recycled Plastic in Design

America Recycles Day is on November 15th it is one of the many ways we can celebrate our recycling efforts and Plastics Makes It Possible is going on tour with their “Recycling RV” to bring awareness to all of the amazing things we can do using Recycled Plastic in Design.

Plastics Make it Possible is an Initiative Sponsored by the Plastics Industries of the American Chemistry Council.

“Most people know it’s important to recycle everyday plastics, but many have questions about which plastics to toss into the recycling bin—and then what happens to them,” said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council, which sponsors the Plastics Make it Possible® initiative. “The Recycling RV is a fun, interactive way to help people better understand the central role they play in the recycling loop.”

The tour and Recycling RV are designed to inspire people to recycle more plastics by demonstrating the recycling process. For example, the interactive RV includes hands-on demonstrations and displays that illustrate key steps involved in one example of recycling plastic bottles and caps:

  • Grinding bottles and caps into small flakes;
  • Using a float-sink tank to separate specific plastics. Plastic flakes are submerged in water to separate them for recycling—due to different densities, the bottle flakes sink to the bottom while the cap flakes float to the top;
  • Heating plastic flakes and forming them into long, thin strands that are cooled and chopped into small pellets;
  • Using pellets to make a wide variety of cool and innovative new products: clothing, furniture, vehicle parts, packaging, and more.

Checkout this video from Dwell on Design featuring recycled plastic chairs!

Also take a look at all of the ways plastic is used in our everyday lives at Plastics Make It Possible! You would not believe how many things we can use recycled plastic for in design.

Please spread the word about recycling and the many benefits it has in design.


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