How To Use The Law of Attraction In Business

Law of attraction is a way for us to use the power of our instincts and natural abilities to attract more clients, increase sales, and build a more successful business.

 Here are the keys to using the law of attraction in your business…

–         First set some goals, think about what you want. You don’t need to get specific about what you don’t want because every time you think about what you do want you put out there what you don’t want at the exact same time. Try and leave room for new opportunities and not confine yourself to one narrow frame of mind. Open yourself up to all the possibilities and you will be less stressed and business will flow to you much easier. Remember when a door opens to walk through it and don’t second guess yourself.

–         This brings us to the next step. Listen to your gut. Your instincts are primal, they are their for a reason so trust them and follow the paths that light up for you. Your emotions are what drives the law of attraction so use them wisely. When you are excited about your products and services so will your clients.

–         Next it is a good idea to mediate on abundance. Or if you don’t meditate turn your daily inner dialogue to one of abundance. Make sure you are telling yourself that everything is working out, all the business you desire is on its way, there is enough money and business for everyone… and keep going until you feel yourself coming from a place of abundance rather than a place of lack. Living with a scarcity mindset will not bring you more business, guaranteed.

–          Finally, the number one rule in the law of attraction, like attracts like. What you think about all day is what is attracted to you. “If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, and events which conform to our positive expectations.” – Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

You can’t escape the law of attraction it is a universal law. For example when you are thinking about changing or implementing something in your business and then you see an article or get a phone call that is exactly what you were thinking about that is law of attraction. The thoughts we think emit an electrical charge that acts like an antenna or a beacon that attracts similar thoughts, people, opportunities, etc. Be who you are, Do what you love, and You will have the life you want.

Ask yourself these questions and then work on changing your point of attraction so you start creating the life and business you want.

Who are you being? With your friends, family, clients, and strangers? Then decide you are going to be smart, trusting, happy, fun, helpful….in all situations.

What kinds of things are you most committed to in your life and business? A healthy work life balance is important, we all would love to get to the point where our work doesn’t feel like work but feels more like a hobby. So commit daily to being and doing everything the way you want it to be done, you must take action.

Can people count on you? The people in your life including your clients want to know they can count on you and trust that you will provide a great service or product. Give in abundance and find the things that bring the most joy to your clients and they will continue to refer you to other people and your business will grow.

Are you focusing on the negative more then the positive? Most people focus on their problems and then they attract more problems to themselves. It is best to focus on what you want and on feeling appreciative of everything around you. By focusing on the positive you will attract more of that into your life and business.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

You are a powerful creator and you are meant to live a life of abundance. Whether you believe it or not the law of attraction is at work so don’t you think you should be using it to your advantage?